Goodbye, Halloween; hello, water!

So how’d everyone do over Halloween weekend? If you abstained from the sweets, then bravo to you! And if you found yourself succumbing to the seductive call of the Snickers bar, don’t fret–it was just one weekend, and today is another day! I was able to stay away from the sweets, although my exercise goals suffered. I’m pretending I made up for it with four hours of standing in an assembly line creating holiday boxes for soldiers on Saturday, and three hours of wandering along the West Hollywood Carnaval strip on Sunday. It may or may not balance out, but it makes me feel less guilty about it.

Now that it’s week two of the challenge, my new focus is on water. Do you drink enough? I don’t. Even when I’m aware of this and trying to drink more, I inevitably lose track and forget.

Water glassesDrinking water is important, not just for weight-loss, but for a healthy body. It keeps the kidneys in good working order so they don’t have to rely on the help of the liver, which frees up the liver to do its own damned job. It hydrates muscles so your workouts are more effective, and hydrates skin cells to smooth the skin and flush out impurities. You just look and feel better overall when you drink more water.

The average person should be drinking 64 oz. of water a day, but if you, like me, are overweight, you need more than that. My daily goal is 80 oz. I rarely hit it, but I always try, and to be honest, I cheat a little by flavoring it with Crystal Light. Makes it easier to take in that much fluid without feeling tortured. So my goal for the week is to hit 80 oz every day.

(Source: Drinking Water and Weight Loss)


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2 Responses to Goodbye, Halloween; hello, water!

  1. Maureen McGlynn says:

    Did good abstaining from sweets, but not as good with my workouts. Ended up the week with three spins, one run, and no yoga. Don’t know why I’m resisting the yoga.

  2. gttygrl says:

    I hate yoga, I find it boring. But, I do it on occasion just to work on my strength and balance.

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