Week two, are you still going strong?

This is what our suite’s kitchen counter looked like yesterday:

Office kitchen, post-Halloween

Perhaps your office had a similar fright show. Did you survive it? Did you give in to the call of the chocolate, or laugh in its face and walk swiftly away?

I did a little of both–I saw Midnight Milky Ways in the mix, which I haven’t had in years, and couldn’t resist taking a couple (or five). But instead of eating them right away, I’ve stashed them in the drawer they will live in until mid-December, at which point it’ll be PARTY TIME WOO!

That’s an extreme example of another tool you can use to get through this challenge–delayed gratification. If you’re craving something that might not necessarily fit into your plan for that day, try saving it for when it does fit, or as a reward for working extra hard at your workout that day. If that doesn’t work for you, have a small bit of it–often it’s about the taste, not the hunger. A smaller portion can be just as satisfying. Full out denial will likely lead to you obsessing over the “forbidden” item, until eventually, when you do cave in, you’ll overdo it. Trust me, I’ve been there. Best to give in a little when you still have control over the desire.

Remember, though, if you do give in and overdo it, don’t spend too much time feeling guilty. It’s already in the past, and you still have full control over the future. Tomorrow can be a better day.


About gttygrl

Red Sox fan, knitter and crocheter, web developer, cat lover, pool player, dvd collector, TV watcher, shutterbug. Who occasionally writes things.
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