Honeymoon is over

I think I’ve reached that stage where the Challenge is no longer new and exciting, and now eating lettuce and chicken, and trying to work out every day, has become a chore. Last week I was amped to do my part to help the team to victory. This week, I’m eyeing that banana bread in the kitchen and feeling deprived. The 90ish degree temps aren’t helping any, either–who wants to walk up and down a steep hill in that kind of weather? Crazy people, that’s who.

Cookies!Part of the problem is that work is very stressful right now, and all I can think about is chocolate chip cookies. Usually when work gets to me like this, a big ol’ cookie from the coffee cart helps ease the tension out of my system, at least for a little while. Tuna and lettuce? Not so much.

I haven’t given in yet, but I suspect dealing with stress will continue to be one of my own personal challenges for the next five and a half weeks. Fortunately Weight Watchers has come up with lots of good articles about dealing with stress without reaching for the chocolate (such as meditating, exercising, etc.). There are probably hundreds more out there that I haven’t even found yet, so if you’re looking for your own ideas on ways to relax, just let Google be your guide.

I’m not being all down on myself, thought–at least I’m sticking to my water goals. Whether it’s tea, water, or a big bottle of Crystal Light pomegranate punch, I’m taking in 80 oz of liquid every day. And while I may not be walking up that damned hill in this weather, I have been walking down it at night, so I’m not a total sloth. Perhaps this weekend I’ll get back on my Wii Fit; I could certainly use the yoga practice. And, it’ll help with the stress!

Hope you’re all doing great with your own personal goals!


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Red Sox fan, knitter and crocheter, web developer, cat lover, pool player, dvd collector, TV watcher, shutterbug. Who occasionally writes things.
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1 Response to Honeymoon is over

  1. Maureen McGlynn says:

    The heat has kept me away from my workouts as well. Missed the last two days because of it. But on the plus side it’s supposed to cool off starting tomorrow and we change clocks this weekend so we gain an extra hour in the morning!! I’m hoping this will give me a boost.

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