Lose 27 pounds eating Twinkies! Seriously.

Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds

Much like the subject himself, I am unsure what to do with this. He reduced his daily caloric intake, but replaced all his previous healthy food with snack cakes. Fewer calories, made up of twinkies. Lost 27 pounds.


However, I don’t think I would be happy eating *only* one twinkie every three hours. Sadly I’m all about the volume.

In other news, my caloric intake this weekend stayed on target, even if my planned exercise never happened. I need to get energized, and reinvested in this fitness challenge. Hopefully tomorrow’s first mandatory weigh-in will do the job.


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Red Sox fan, knitter and crocheter, web developer, cat lover, pool player, dvd collector, TV watcher, shutterbug. Who occasionally writes things.
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