Feeling stabby

Work was annoying today. Why is it when we’re feeling extreme emotions, we think the answer lies in punishing ourselves with all kinds of bad food, under the guise of making ourselves feel better?

Yes, I wanted a cookie. Yes, I wanted a cupcake. Yes, I wanted garlic herbed croutons. (Don’t ask.) Anything to distract me from wanting to go stabby.

Mini pool tableI of course did none of those things (including going stabby). I vented to a friend, I went for a walk, I listened to some music–all classic examples of easy and calorie free stress-relievers.

Here is an excellent list of 50 stress-relieving ideas. I’m particularly fond of #41: Play billiards or ping pong, but no matter how many times I ask, my boss still hasn’t installed a pool table in the lobby. (He did find me the small desk-sized table pictured on the right, though.)


About gttygrl

Red Sox fan, knitter and crocheter, web developer, cat lover, pool player, dvd collector, TV watcher, shutterbug. Who occasionally writes things.
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1 Response to Feeling stabby

  1. Thank you for the trackback gttygrl. It’s true that we sometimes feel the need to punish ourselves when we feel bad, in all kinds of ways. Most bad food at least tastes good in the short-term. 🙂

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