Home stretch, or just the beginning?

Damn, 11 days without a post? That’s pathetic. However, though my enthusiasm for blogging this journey may have waned, my commitment to WINNING has not–at least where food is concerned. (My exercise plan continues to stagnate, unfortunately.)

IMG_9033I finally broke through my plateau last Tuesday, just in time for Thanksgiving. It seemed like a cruel joke, but then I realized I wasn’t going to undo that huge milestone, no matter what the holiday had to throw at me. Armed with the knowledge of my recent success, I got through Gigantic Turkey Day with flying colors, treating the day as an opportunity to hang out with dear friends and not as a chance to eat a day’s worth of food in one sitting. I only had one hiccup, when my lovely hostesses placed the apple crisp dessert right in front of me. Mmmmmmmmmm, apple crisp! It’s like apple pie without the extra fattening crust. Yum! Fortunately my perseverance through the weekend meant the crisp didn’t set me back, and I am lighter than I was this time last week–and lighter than I’ve been in a YEAR, woot!

Now I just have one Christmas party and one dinner to get through before the final weigh-in, two weeks from today. I’m a little afraid of being set free after that weigh-in, though. I’ve had so many plans for that day (the day of the company holiday party) and the days following. Eggnog lattes, squirreled-away Halloween chocolates, vodka gimlets and candy cane martinis by the trough–I’ve been looking forward to all of them for so long. But, I’m about to drop into a scale decade that I haven’t seen in several years, and I’d hate to undo it all. That would mean buckling down through, oh god, a minimum of four additional Christmas parties post-weigh-in, then the holiday itself. Ack! Can I really stay committed that long, through the toughest food season of the year? Ten more pounds and I’ll be lighter than I’ve been since freakin’ junior high, surely that’s enough motivation to stay on target, right?

No way to know, so, *fingers crossed*!

But damn, I miss alcohol. *sigh*


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Red Sox fan, knitter and crocheter, web developer, cat lover, pool player, dvd collector, TV watcher, shutterbug. Who occasionally writes things.
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