About Team ToP MoJo SMAcKs

Once upon a time in the not-at-all-distant past, an email was sent out from our company’s on-site fitness center, inviting gym members to participate in their first ever Fittest Winners Challenge. The challenge:  To be the team to lose the highest percentage of their collective starting weight.

People signed up in droves, quickly filling up eight teams of eight people each. We were all weighed and measured between October 22-25th (privately, of course–this isn’t television, you know), and we will be weighed again twice more–November 9th & 10th and November 23rd & 24th–before the final deciding weigh-in in December (13th & 14th).

Our team is ToP MoJo SMAcKs, derived from our first initials. We’re going to win. What will we win? Other than respect and the secure knowledge of our superiority, who knows, but who cares, ’cause really, that’ll be enough.

But, we’re on our own–no weekly smackdowns with our competitors, no mandatory gym trainings, no one sitting down with us to tell us how we’re eating wrong, no televised weigh-ins to shame us into staying on target. I doubt we’ll even know how the other teams are progressing. So this blog is here to keep us all motivated for the next seven weeks. We have only each other for support, so support each other we will.