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Home stretch, or just the beginning?

Damn, 11 days without a post? That’s pathetic. However, though my enthusiasm for blogging this journey may have waned, my commitment to WINNING has not–at least where food is concerned. (My exercise plan continues to stagnate, unfortunately.) I finally broke … Continue reading

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So let’s revisit some of those goals, shall we?

Blog every day: Yeah, that obviously didn’t happen. Sorry about that, folks! As y’all know, work’s been hell the past two weeks, but all’s good now, so hopefully I can get back to being good on the blogging front. (And … Continue reading

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Feeling stabby

Work was annoying today. Why is it when we’re feeling extreme emotions, we think the answer lies in punishing ourselves with all kinds of bad food, under the guise of making ourselves feel better? Yes, I wanted a cookie. Yes, … Continue reading

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Lose 27 pounds eating Twinkies! Seriously.

Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds Much like the subject himself, I am unsure what to do with this. He reduced his daily caloric intake, but replaced all his previous healthy food with snack cakes. Fewer calories, made … Continue reading

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Honeymoon is over

I think I’ve reached that stage where the Challenge is no longer new and exciting, and now eating lettuce and chicken, and trying to work out every day, has become a chore. Last week I was amped to do my … Continue reading

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Week two, are you still going strong?

This is what our suite’s kitchen counter looked like yesterday: Perhaps your office had a similar fright show. Did you survive it? Did you give in to the call of the chocolate, or laugh in its face and walk swiftly … Continue reading

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I was afraid this would happen

I work best with lots of momentum behind me, and one blip to halt that can send me reeling. I didn’t work out on Thursday. I got home at a reasonable enough time to have fit in some weight lifting … Continue reading

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First true challenge tonight

I’m meeting some friends for drinks tonight after work. Eek! I can’t drink alcohol, and there’ll be no appetizers on the table that will fit with my current, very restrictive diet. It’s a fun social occasion, so I don’t want … Continue reading

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Protein, it does a body good

Eating nothing but protein isn’t always that easy. It seems easy on the first day, but midway through the second day, you just want a sandwich. By the third day, you’re ready for that switch to all salads, all the … Continue reading

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Paula, day one

Welcome to Team ToP MoJo SMAcKs! To find out more about who we are and what we’re doing, visit our about page. My name is Paula (see the “P” in our team name!), and I’ll be your host here at … Continue reading

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