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Home stretch, or just the beginning?

Damn, 11 days without a post? That’s pathetic. However, though my enthusiasm for blogging this journey may have waned, my commitment to WINNING has not–at least where food is concerned. (My exercise plan continues to stagnate, unfortunately.) I finally broke … Continue reading

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Wanna see something scary?

Sometimes, when I think about how I look and feel today, and how I wish I looked and felt (at least 20 pounds lighter and strong as an ox would be good, if we’re making wishes), I look back to … Continue reading

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So let’s revisit some of those goals, shall we?

Blog every day: Yeah, that obviously didn’t happen. Sorry about that, folks! As y’all know, work’s been hell the past two weeks, but all’s good now, so hopefully I can get back to being good on the blogging front. (And … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Halloween; hello, water!

So how’d everyone do over Halloween weekend? If you abstained from the sweets, then bravo to you! And if you found yourself succumbing to the seductive call of the Snickers bar, don’t fret–it was just one weekend, and today is … Continue reading

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Paula, day one

Welcome to Team ToP MoJo SMAcKs! To find out more about who we are and what we’re doing, visit our about page. My name is Paula (see the “P” in our team name!), and I’ll be your host here at … Continue reading

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